Thursday, September 25, 2008

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist - Wss 3.0

To take MCTS exam had been a lingering task in my To-Do list. Finally, I caught up with it this weekend. I was being a lazy numb-nut, post-poning exam every weekend for one or the other reason. Upon post-poning, planning out study-schedule for upcomming week. 
I said to myself, this ae'nt going to work. Reasons will keep on popping up and I 'll never gonna get time to sit down in peace and prepare for Wss3.0. This time around, instead of scheduling my exam way before exam date, I walked straight into Prometric Center with all necessary documents. To my luck, they had a evening time-slot available for 70-541 Wss3.0 exam. Came back home, went to bed. Slept for couple hours. Went back to Prometric center just to find that their servers were down. aaawwww  !!! :( :(  Some ordeal.. which I'll talk about some other day. To cut the long story short am a "Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist". Yipeeeeee !!!! Hurrah .. !! 

Exam details:
Exam Name: Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 - Application Development  
Official Exam Link: Click Me
Time duration: Roughly 2 hours (way more that one needs)
Exam Fees: Approx 2250 rs (depends on USD conversion rate)
Topics Covered:
  1. Deploying Windows SharePoint Services and Custom Components
  2. Creating Site and Feature Provisioning Components
  3. Creating Metadata and Workflow Provisioning Components
  4. Developing Windows SharePoint Services Components by using .NET framework
  5. Manipulating Site Content by Using the API
  6. Manipulating Site Configuration by Using the API
I highly recommend "Inside Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 by Ted Pattison & Daniel Larson". This book covers nearly all the subjects that the test addresses. I found it to be great in and of itself beyond simple exam prep. It provides great examples and really got me thinking about some new and interesting things to try. Nothing beats actual hands-on experience. If you have time and interest, follow along with the examples in the book and then experiment with them. You'll have an easier time on the exam as well as really learn WSS application programming.

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