Thursday, September 25, 2008

Life is what happens to you when you are busy making plans

"Life is what happens to you when you are busy making plans" - something I stole off a friend's gtalk title. This I believe defines Symphony of life we live. Numerous occasions, it so happens, you anxiously wait for something to come by and make future plans based on it. Turns out, when it's in your grasp, life plays you like a toy and everything you prepared for, looses relevance.
This not only applies to one's personal schedule, but generates a ripple effect, bringing in unplanned change in peoples lives. This unplanned change which influence people directly or indirectly is what I call "controlled chaos". At times, I get amazed as I see, how changes in my life, make other people alter their plans. By people, I not only mean people who are close to me, but also those who I do not interact with in day-to-day basis.
Lets just say, I recent time, I planned out something for myself. From no where came 'a change' which forced me to deviate from my well planned activity and alter my path. Am at my wits end, when I start to think, would have I walked on planned path all the way if that change haven't come by, or has it given me an excuse to console myself with.
One of my close friend, had an accident recently (I pray he recuperate soon). Call it chance, it so happens, the day he received offer letter from his favorite company, the very same night it happened. He was going through a rough phase and was in need of that job desperately. My entire group, was on the hunt for him. Seems to me fate had other plans. Its ironic to see, how a sudden change can make your life go topsy-turvy .

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